New Site, New Year

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Along with an awesome push from my neighbor to start one, I’ve created a new site:
This site will be a place for all to share any “enlightened” experiences. From more common practices like yoga and meditation, to the more unique like Reiki and healing modalities, it will be a place for all to freely and comfortably share, question, discover on all these topics.
As of now, I haven’t decided to incorporate a blog onto that site. However, this blog will probably become more focused on commenting on my Share Your Enlightenment site. I hope you check it out when you can!

Wishing all a spectacular, spiritual and enlightened 2012!


11/11/11 @ 11:11:11

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Screenshot I captured. Haha!

So many speculations on the significance of what this date means. I don’t choose to believe in doom and gloom. Many RMTs I know of believe it’s the start of a spiritual awakening or advancement. I’d rather believe in something optimistic like that rather than screaming “It’s the end of the world!” Lol!

Happy 11th!

A Trick or Treat?

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If anyone has more research on this, I’d love to know if it’s true. My friends that are massage therapists and RMTs say that crystals really do work in enhancing your healing (and related) work.

Has anyone had any before or after practice with this?

For Reiki, I know I’ve researched that clear quartz crystals help. Whether or not they are doing anything, I’ll use them during my distance healings. I’m not sure if I’ve really noticed any difference or not though.

Happy Halloween!!

Static Energy

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This is so weird!

I stopped by the library after work to pick up some books I’d reserved. Anyway I wanted to get a book on acupressure and headed to the aisle I knew it should be in. And all of a sudden I start feeling such static energy all around my hands, arms, nose. Lol! And then this ringing noise starts in my ears which to me usually signals my angels (or spirit guides?) are trying to get my attention. I look on the bottom shelf and there’s some books on acupressure and reflexology. Exactly the books I was looking for. ūüôā

I left the aisle and no longer felt that energy. So funny! Maybe I was just being guided to the location of the books I wanted.


Now a Master

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I got my Reiki III attunement last night!¬†I am now a Reiki Master Teacher (RMT). ūüôā

I have to be honest – for Reiki I and II attunements, I really didn’t feel much of anything. So I wasn’t really expecting much this time.
So there I am… Sitting… Receiving my attunement.. Trying to be as meditative as possible. It’s soon quickly over. I give a smile and go to the waiting room. And then I actually felt something!

My face was all of a sudden really warm/hot and I¬†started¬†feeling really sleepy! Later my RMT tells me that as we get more attunements, out energy goes up and we feel warmer. She commented, “I’m always on fire.” Even this morning my face still feels warm.¬† Bring on the energy.

Distant Healing

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I read something by Lynne McTaggart about an experiment she documented, where basically it showed how distance has no role in the effectiveness of healing. Distance and time… but that’s a whole other subject.¬†I’m now participating in a couple of online¬†distance healing groups. Hopefully I can develop this skill further!

Other Reiki Uses

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I found something interesting online the other day – people actually use Reiki along with Law of Attraction techniques. I can’t find too many videos detailing this, but I thought that was interesting since I thought Reiki was solely for healing. Some articles I read discussed it as using all this universal energy for manifesting what you want as well.

I also wanted to find some good meditation techniques since sometimes I don’t feel so quieted when doing my healing. I discovered a Reiki-related one called Hatsurei-Ho.

I’ve also started listening to some great meditation audios by Kelly Howell. It’s not just passive meditation (relaxing your body) but also active meditation she produces. Active meditation works with the Law of Attraction to obtain what you want.

Science Research and Reiki

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I’ve also been busy reading one of Lynne McTaggart’s books, “The Intention Experiment.” She conducts endless scientific research and experiments throughout her publications. The section I’m reading actually discussed Reiki healers.

An experiment was done with a group of everyday people, Reiki healers, and so-called “master healers.” For the experiment, the individuals had to place their intention on something. They all did produce a significant change; however, Reiki healers showed more of a change than the everyday folks, and the “master healers” performed the best. The assumption then is that the more you exercise your “healing muscle,” then maybe the more you get better at healing.

Today I was still occasionally feeling that static feeling along my arms. Sometimes it also feels as if the hair on the top of my head is being touched, pressed. Strange!

Reiki II Complete!

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Another fun Reiki class yesterday. I complete Reiki II! My RMT (Reiki Master Teacher) taught some meditations, gave me the distance healing symbol, and the attunement for it. It’s nice because she actually knows Chinese and has studied the Chinese characters, so she really knows the proper way to write them.

I didn’t really feel anything during the attunement, although almost felt like¬†I was gonna fall backwards in my chair at one point. Not sure if that was related to the attunement or me just keeping my eyes closed for so long while sitting on a stool. We practiced distant healing on people we know – from my family, her family to the President!¬†

It was amazing how we were in sync on what we felt.¬†¬†The feelings varied from pulsation, shaking, vibration…we just keep our hands out, relaxed as we picture that person. And eventually the¬†pulsing calmed down.

But last night, when I tried Reiki on one of my kids, I could really strongly feel the heat from her body! So it really made me think that possibly the attunement was the reason. My RMT also said that during this time, after Reiki II, you typically get more precognitive. Next class will be Reiki III!

Reiki Guinea Pigs

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I worked on 3 female relatives yesterday and¬†one of their boyfriends. Here’s what happened:

Client #1: Felt a lot of movement. Mostly like a smooth wavelike energy along her back and tummy. Some prickling around her shins. She later confirmed those were spots due to her marathon running. She’s currently pregnant and her baby was very responsive. I felt so much kicking.¬†Her back she says is due to lower back pain from pregnancy, and when she was resting, after the session, she looked a little uncomfortable. She later told me she was in a little bit of pain, but it was more like a tension feeling. And when¬†I put my hands on her tummy again, she was shocked and how her baby automatically relaxed. For some minutes, we kept noticing how her baby kept following my hands.¬†She said¬†it felt like my hands¬†were string! Interesting!¬†I think she’s very intuitive to the feelings of this baby. She’s able to feel or sense if she’s happy or not.

Client #2: Felt some things, and a small circular energy on her back. But her head was really hot. She later told me it’s probably cause she’s OCD and is constantly thinking.

Client #3: Felt a lot of spots Рhead, solar plexus, hips, shins, back. She confirmed I hit every spot correctly, and that she had a headache today, exercised and has been feeling short of breath, and she tends to lean to the right which causes pain along her hips/shins/back. So interesting!

Client #3’s boyfriend: Felt practically nothing. Not sure if 1) he wasn’t totally into it – reiki will not flow if the client is unwilling; it doesn’t force itself, or 2) he’s overall healthy – which could be. Looks like he’s been running and has lost weight. I did feel something around his right shin and ankle. He later confirmed that he previously wore poor working boots that constantly caused pain in that area.

Overall – AMAZING sessions!

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